9 Aug 2009

Undie 500 still not welcome

5:44 am on 9 August 2009

Changes to the Undie 500 car rally have failed to impress critics, including the Mayor of Dunedin.

Thirty people were arrested for disorder last year during an unofficial rally between Christchurch - Dunedin after the Canterbury University Engineering Society cancelled the event.

The organisers of the reinstated rally have moved the date to 11 September and made the event a charity drive.

They have also promised to punish students who break Dunedin's liquor ban.

But Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, says it appears the Undie 500 remains a glorified pub crawl based on excessive drinking and it does not have his blessing.

Canterbury University Student's Association president Steve Jukes says the organisers have done everything in their power to clean up the event.