29 Jun 2009

Monday's newspaper headlines

11:22 am on 29 June 2009

Ratepayers face $600m leaky home bill; Christchurch shooting; call for overhaul of rules for paying benefits.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with two economists calling for an overhaul of the rules for paying benefits. They say it is unfair that large numbers of people being made redundant cannot get the dole because their partners are still working.

Dominion Post

The paper leads with the bill to ratepayers from leaky buildings which it puts at $600 million and rising. That's across six of the worst affected local bodies, including Wellington.

The Press

The paper reports on the early stages of the Burnside shooting, reporting that the armed offenders squad had set up cordons. Locals spoke of hearing shots, the Press reports. The paper carries a photo of evacuated families carrying their children into Burnside High School.

Otago Daily Times

The ODT leads with a big rise in cases of businesses delaying paying their debts which has meant a 30% jump in the number of Otago firms calling in debt collectors.