1 Nov 2019

Lime scooter rider has critical injuries following crash

7:15 am on 1 November 2019

One person has critical injuries after falling off an electric scooter late last night in Auckland.

Person riding a Lime scooter in Auckland city.

Photo: RNZ / Nick Monro

They were taken to Auckland Hospital, following the accident, which happened around 10.30pm.

It is understood the injury was sustained through a collision, though there were no other vehicles or people involved.

The incident happened between Bedford Street and Parnell Rise.

In a statement, a Lime spokesperson said their thoughts are with the injured person and their family.

Lauren Mentjox said the company would co-operate fully with the authorities to give any required information about the scooter.

"Our scooter ride data is held remotely, separate to the physical scooter, where it can be analysed by our Global Trust and Safety Team."

Lime also reminded riders to stay safe while on the scooters.

"We are stepping up these education and safety programmes across New Zealand and will be holding First Ride events on a weekly basis throughout the summer," Ms Mentjox said.

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