28 May 2009

Thursday's newspaper headlines

7:34 am on 28 May 2009

The Budget and the death of zookeeper Dalu Mncube at Whangarei's Zion Wildlife Gardens dominate Thursday's papers.

New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald's lead says Mr Mncube, who was killed by a white tiger while cleaning an enclosure, had helped save another handler from an earlier attack.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says Thursday's Budget is set to break an election promise on tax cuts and rake back millions earmarked for Labour's programmes.

The Press

The Press says other zoos and keepers had spoken out about Zion's intimate style of handling its animals. On the Budget, Prime Minister John Key says he thinks, ''New Zealanders know that we are putting together a budget in the worst economic conditions since 1930.''

Otago Daily Times

The Otago Daily Times also leads with the mauled zookeeper who hand-raised big cats. In other news, up to 15% of school pupils in Central Otago have behavioural and learning issues. Educationalist Dr David Hill, who works in the region, says there is a real need for Government agencies to be more active in tackling issues.