27 May 2009

$250,000 of alcohol stolen in Auckland

8:14 pm on 27 May 2009

The owner of a central Auckland liquor store is hoping insurance will be able cover at least some of the expensive and rare liquor taken in a heist.

Thieves looted about $250,000 of stock from the Glengarry store on Monday night.

The haul includes a $14,500 bottle of Dom Perignon and bottles of Krug champagne worth nearly $9,000 each.

Cognacs and malt whiskeys were also taken.

Thieves broke through exterior rolling doors and managed to gain access to the cellar by jolting open the magnetised doors normally controlled by security cards.

Store owner Jak Jakicevich says the thieves knew what they were doing.

The police have taken security camera footage, which shows at least one thief clearly.