19 Oct 2018

Motorists urged to be cautious and mindful over Labour Weekend

6:49 pm on 19 October 2018

Motorists are being reminded to stay as fresh and relaxed as possible when driving this long weekend.

Afternoon rush hour traffic out of central Auckland.

Afternoon rush hour traffic out of central Auckland. Photo: 123rf.com

The holiday period officially starts tonight.

Transport Agency's director of safety Harry Wilson said fatigue was one of the biggest killers on the country's roads.

Driving while tired was one of the most dangerous things a driver could do and puts everyone on the road at risk, he said.

The road death toll for Labour Weekend last year was six.

Senior Sergeant Jared Kirk siad police would actively monitor roads in Otago during Labour Weekend.

"We'll be targeting known hot spots and risky behaviours such as speed enforcement, drug and alcohol testing, cell phone use, and seat belt checks.

"We know these are the four main behaviours which contribute to death and serious injury on our roads, and these are what we address when we interact with people and share road safety massages."

He said it was crucial to be mindful of other drivers and surroundings to help prevent accidents.

"Be patient and considerate, don't attempt to overtake other traffic unless it's completely safe to do so.

"Share the driving if you can. If you can't and you're tired, distracted, or feeling fed up, pull over and take a break.

"If you're driving slowly or towing, check your mirrors and regularly pull over to let other vehicles pass. Impeding the flow of traffic can cause other drivers frustration and contribute to them making risky decisions."

Police said over the holiday period - from 4pm on 19 October to 6am on 23 October - if a driver is detected by a safe speed camera exceeding the speed limit by more than 4 km/h, they are highly likely to be ticketed.