10 Sep 2018

No tsunami risk after 6.9 earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands

5:31 pm on 10 September 2018

Thousands of people have reported feeling a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which hit near the Kermadec Islands this afternoon.

The tremor, centred south of the Kermadec Islands, was initially reported as 6.8 magnitude but has been revised to 6.9, GNS Science said.

In a tweet, New Zealand Civil Defence said there was no tsunami threat to New Zealand.

GeoNet said the quake could be felt across the country, from the East Coast to the South Island.

Seismologist John Ristau said even though the GNS automated system reported several small earthquakes in New Zealand, it was not the case.

"People aren't imagining that they felt anything, they did feel it. They're just feeling this large earthquake that's a few hundred kilometres away, north of the North Island."