3 Aug 2010

Waikato campaigners push rail as election issue

10:32 am on 3 August 2010

The group pushing for a commuter train service between Hamilton and Auckland has launched a campaign to make it an issue at the local body elections in October.

A commuter service tried out five years ago failed due to a lack of passengers.

The 'Campaign for Better Transport' is signing up council candidates in Waikato who support the trains.

Spokesperson Jon Reeves says the time is right to try again, citing the rising cost of petrol and direct access for passengers to Britomart in central Auckland.

Several candidates have already signed a pledge to help deliver a train service.

"More are coming on board as they see it's probably a popular thing to support if they want to be a councillor this local body election," he said.

Mr Reeves says a recent petition which gained 11,500 signatures shows there is support for the commuter trains.