18 May 2018

Arrest for jogger attack in Auckland

12:57 pm on 18 May 2018

Police have charged a man in relation to a sexually motivated attack on a jogger in the Auckland suburb of St Mary's Bay last Friday.

CCTV footage of a man sought over the early morning attack of a woman in St Mary's Bay in Auckland.

Police released this image of a person wanted in relation to the attack in St Mary's Bay. Photo: NZ Police

A woman was throttled and dragged into bushes in the affluent central city suburb when she was out jogging at about 5am last Friday, police said.

A cyclist on his way to work helped her after he heard her screaming.

Detective senior sergeant Glenn Baldwin said a 33-year-old man had been charged with assault with intent to commit sexual violation.

The man had also been charged with offensive behaviour and being unlawfully on a property in relation to two other incidents in the area about a week earlier.

Mr Baldwin said officers contacted the victim this morning to let her know about the arrest.

She was appreciative that an arrest had been made quickly, he said.

"It's a very, very traumatic incident... She is a courageous woman and she's had a tough week but this matter is still ongoing for her and, obviously, for the prosecution process."

Officers had also contacted the man who helped her, who was delighted to hear of the arrest, Mr Baldwin said.

"His timing of arrival at that incident was very fortuitous and he acted instinctively and very bravely and courageously chased the assailant off.

"He was upset that he couldn't do more and yet he had done so much," Mr Baldwin said.

The woman and the man who helped her now planned to meet, he said.

Prior to the arrest, police had released a video of the area where the attack took place and showing footage of the alleged offender.

Detective Senior Sergeant Glenn Baldwin said the offender was on Beaumont Street opposite Victoria Park before the attack and afterwards jumped over a fence heading towards Swift Ave and Hackett Street.

They had received a lot of support from the local neighbourhood, Mr Baldwin said.

"We want to thank the public for their support, and in particular the local neighbourhood for their assistance in investigating this appalling crime, which was traumatic for the victim as well as a witness to the incident."