26 Jan 2018

'Reckless' skipper ordered to pay $128k to passengers

6:09 pm on 26 January 2018

The skipper of a boat that crashed into a rocky outcrop on the Coromandel has been ordered to pay $128,300 to injured passengers.

Judge Kim Saunders described the skipper of the 7m runabout as highly reckless.

One man was thrown overboard and two required hospital treatment.

The money will go to the three victims onboard who were injured.

Maritime New Zealand has chosen not to name the skipper and said speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.

Regional compliance manager Pelin Davison said the outcome was a reminder to all skippers not to mix alcohol and boating.

He said the skipper was out fishing and drinking with friends and headed towards shore at speed without using a chart plotter.

As well as the reparation payments, the skipper has been ordered to pay $6750 in fines.

Skippers face fines if they fail to keep to the five knot rule within 200m of shore and are not complying with lifejacket rules.