25 Aug 2017

Top RNZ podcasts: Politics, intimacy and health

8:18 pm on 25 August 2017

This week's crop of RNZ podcasts will be the icing on your weekend. There isn't actually a podcast about cake decoration, but other than that we've got you pretty much covered, from the bedroom to the supermarket.

Peter Dunne, an unmade bed and capsicums.

Photo: RNZ / 123RF

Why is the pig wearing lipstick?

What do sage advice from a former female prime minister, a tarted-up pig and an exploding head have in common?

Easy - has to be another hilarious episode of Go Ahead Caller starring the self-appointed king of talkback, Ken Oath. Ken will give you opinions you didn't know you could have - and some that you probably don't even need.

Bed with couple's feet

Photo: 123RF

It's the bed, stupid.

Sick of banging on with your partner about how things have changed in bed? Maybe it's the bed itself?

"I'm pretty sure the mattress was something the neighbour chucked out or something …" Eww! That's the wrong kind of intimate. Episode 4 of Bang gives us some help about how we might stay connected to our partners over the long term.

Alison Ballance and Simon Morton discover which fruits and vegetable have the most vitamin c. Science of vitamin c

Alison Ballance recommends red peppers as a great source of vitamin C. green peppers, not so much. Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Vitamin C - how much of a cure-all is it?

Alison Ballance, from Our Changing Word, and Simon Morton, from This Way Up, shop up a storm in search of the fruits and vegetables with the highest vitamin C (red capsicum - who knew!). They ask the experts whether we should all be popping supplements when we think we're getting a cold, and they're talking cancer and ultra-high doses of vitamin C. They also share the microphones with guinea pigs Bubble and Squeak. Why? Well, you'll just have to listen to the podcast.

Peter Dunne announces he will resign at the 2017 election after 33 years in parliament.

Peter Dunne Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Dunne done and some interesting numbers

Another week, another resignation, another thrilling episode of Caucus. As the pre-election roller coaster continues, the Caucus team discuss Peter Dunne's decision to stand down rather than lose his Ohariu seat, and ponder whether it was a polite thing for United Future to do to its political ally, the National government. And if you're in the mood to sing, join Tim Watkin for a rousing chorus of 'everyone was PREFU fighting'.

The serious side of the funny guy

Comedian Ben Hurley reveals to Just One Thing's Sonia Sly why a faded Lego Emperor is so important to him.

And some advice for wannabe comics - being good at comedy is about much more than "naturally funny bones."