15 Jul 2017

Supreme Court rejects pilots unions payrise matching

12:10 pm on 15 July 2017

The country's major pilots' union is disappointed by a Supreme Court decision allowing a what it calls unfair payrise to another group of pilots.

Pilot in airplane cockpit

Flying New Zealand said young pilots had a difficult time when they finished studying. Photo: 123RF

In 2013 the Federation of Air New Zealand negotiated a 12.6 percent pay increase for Boeing 737 first and second officers.

A much larger union, the Airline Pilots' Association, negotiated only a 2.5 percent increase.

The association's president, Tim Robinson, said its contract had a mechanism for including any more favourable terms other pilots get.

However, Mr Robinson said the courts had decided the pilots could not pick and choose parts of each contract.

"The whole agreement must be taken into account, not only including the favourable aspects of it but also potentially concessions that had been negotiated."

Mr Robinson said the union would now consider taking the matter back to the Employment Court.

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