'Sheer luck': Police praised for BB gun arrest

8:06 pm on 30 May 2017

A man has been arrested in Auckland after a BB gun was fired at least six times at police officers, hitting one in his vest and damaging a patrol car.

The gun used in the incident

The gun used in the incident Photo: NZ Police

A taser and pepper spray were used on the man while he was being subdued by officers in Royal Oak shortly after 2.30pm today.

Two officers confronted the man after reports of him acting suspiciously at a residential address in Manukau Road. Police said he then pulled the gas-powered steel-pellet BB gun from a backpack and fired on them at least six times without warning.

A third officer at the scene was hit in the chest by one of the steel pellets, but his stab-proof vest protected him from injury.

A second pellet struck a nearby police car and shattered the left front-passenger window, while a third hit another car and dented it.

The window of a police car was shattered by a shot from the BB gun.

The window of a police car was shattered by a shot from the BB gun. Photo: NZ Police

Police said a taser was used, but had no effect, and all three officers then disarmed the man using pepper spray. Two of the officers were caught by the residual spray.

They said the 44-year-old was then taken into custody, and two knives - including a butterfly knife - were found on him.

The knives that were found on the suspect.

The knives that were found on the suspect. Photo: NZ Police

One of the officers suffered a split nose and black eye after being kicked in the face during the struggle. He was taken to a medical centre for treatment and has been released.

Inspector Gary Davey of Auckland Police said footage of this incident was captured on the taser cameras.

"Our officers have done an amazing job here to disarm a dangerous offender in the most serious of circumstances. In the space of a few moments this man has quickly pulled out a gun and shot at our staff.

"This was on a footpath on a very busy area and they have acted with bravery to keep our community safe. It is sheer luck that none of our staff or any members of the public were seriously injured."

The man will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow. Police said charges would be confirmed later this evening.