11 Aug 2008

Tourist killed in Beijing was related to NZ coach

3:29 pm on 11 August 2008

The man killed in a knife attack in Beijing was the father-in-law of New Zealander Hugh McCutcheon, who is the coach of the U.S. men's volleyball team.

A Chinese man stabbed Todd Bachman to death before taking his own life. Mr Bachman's wife Barbara suffered life-threatening injuries in the knife attack on Saturday, and officials say the assailant also stabbed the couple's Chinese guide.

Their daughter, Elisabeth Bachman McCutcheon, who played volleyball for the US. women's team at the 2004 Athens Games is married to New Zealander Hugh McCutcheon, coach of the men's team. She was with her parents at the time of the attack but was not hurt.

A Chinese tour guide was also wounded in the attack by a man whom police said had no fixed residence nor job, but travelled to Beijing from the affluent eastern city of Hangzhou on 1 August.

Tang Yongming, 47, from the eastern city of Hangzhou, attacked the trio shortly after midday at the centuries-old Drum Tower, a popular tourist site. He died after leaping from the tower, police said.

The US Olympic Committee said the Bachmans were not wearing apparel that identified them as relatives of members of the U.S. team.

The Xinhua news agency says Tang had no criminal record, and police were searching for his ex-wife and elder brother to try to decipher the motives behind the seemingly random act.

Pro-Tibetan protester removed

A student who tried to unveil a Tibetan flag during the first day of Olympic competition has been removed by officials from an equestrian event.

The woman tried to display the flag, which had been hidden under a Canadian flag, at the dressage event in Hong Kong.

She was later removed from the arena along with a second protester.