Police officer leaps into water to help kayakers

7:59 pm on 29 March 2017

A police officer has leapt into the sea from a helicopter to rescue two kayakers who were in trouble in Auckland's Manukau Harbour.

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The officer jumped from the Police Eagle Helicopter. Photo: Supplied / NZ Police

Police said the kayak flipped near Cornwallis Wharf, just after 3pm.

While the two people had managed to turn the kayak back over, only one was able to clamber back on board.

Police said the tide was going out quickly and they had already drifted quite a way from where they were originally spotted.

The person who was still in the water was starting to turn blue and was struggling to hold onto the kayak, they said.

The police rescue swimmer jumped into the water from the Police Eagle Helicopter and was able to use a rescue tube to help the kayaker get back on board.

Just before a Coastguard vessel arrived, the kayak flipped a second time, although the police officer was able to right it and get the two people on board again.

No one was injured, but the kayakers were treated by ambulance staff for the effects of the cold.