Repeat flood victim blames hole in back yard

10:09 pm on 27 March 2017

An 80-year-old Auckland woman and her daughter are calling on the council to fix its stormwater drain so her house does not flood after every heavy downpour.

Bano Prasad has lived in her Remuera home since 1980.

She has had flooding issues ever since a hole near a council stormwater drain at the back of the property was found in November.

Today, she was cleaning up again after 70mm of rain drenched parts of the city in the 12 hours from 9pm yesterday.

Her daughter, Anjala Prasad, said the hole continued to grow. She salvaged things in the basement after each heavy rainfall caused flooding.

Bano Prasad says the damage from the floods is more than $10,000

Bano Prasad says the damage from the floods is more than $10,000 Photo: RNZ / Laura Tupou

She had lodged about six separate jobs with the council, which sent an engineer last week.

Anjala Prasad said the council installed a CCTV camera, but the results were inconclusive.

Bano Prasad said the council wanted to dig a hole in the garage to get a better idea of what was going on.

In the meantime, her mother's property continued to flood, Anjala Prasad said.

The council said it was looking into the problem.

Its healthy waters general manager, Craig McIlroy, said the CCTV footage would be reviewed in the coming days, and he hoped to put an appropriate action plan in place after that.

Bano Prasad left and her daughter, Anjala Prasad.

Bano Prasad left and her daughter, Anjala Prasad Photo: RNZ / Laura Tupou