19 Dec 2008

Council continues crackdown on boy-racers

6:57 pm on 19 December 2008

Christchurch City Council has taken another step in its campaign to clamp down on boy-racers, imposing a no-stopping ban in three city streets where they like to congregate.

Mayor Bob Parker says residents have expressed worries about boy-racers gathering in Harper Avenue late at night and racing in nearby residential streets.

He says their concerns relate to safety, vandalism and noise, as well as the poor image of the city for tourists who use Harper Avenue on their way to and from the airport.

Police and community groups have welcomed the move.

The council has voted to approve a stopping ban from 11 pm till 5am on both sides of Harper Avenue and Deans Avenue, and in Helmore's Lane.

Bylaws have already been passed in several suburbs to ban boy-racers from certain streets.