18 Aug 2016

Convicted rapist in court on escaping custody charge

1:33 pm on 18 August 2016

A convicted Christchurch rapist who was arrested in Nelson last night has been remanded in custody without plea on a charge of escaping custody.

Police say Nigel Robert Gately, 46, went missing from an address in Christchurch on Tuesday.

Nigel Robert Gately, who went missing from a Christchurch address yesterday, has now been charged with escaping custody. Photo: RNZ / NZ Police

Nigel Robert Gately, 46, made a brief appearance in the Nelson District Court this morning, and denied the charge.

Gately went missing from an address in St Albans, Christchurch on Tuesday while on parole, and appeared in court today with his arm in a sling.

His efforts to deny the escaping custody charge through his lawyer Tagan Lyall were scoffed at by Judge David Ruth, who said he was entitled to go down that route, but should take further advice.

"Really? You're joking," Judge Ruth said.

Gately "would get the whole of what was coming to [him]" if he elected to be tried by jury, Judge Ruth said.

He stood the matter down for Gately to take further advice, but when the court came back, Ms Lyall said Gately still wished to defend the charge.

Judge Ruth remanded Gately in custody without plea for two weeks.

In response to a comment from Gately from the dock, Judge Ruth told him he was "digging a bigger hole for himself".