12 Aug 2016

Trouble brewing: Kegs stolen just before Beervana fest

3:03 pm on 12 August 2016

Hundreds of litres of beer has been stolen ahead of the Wellington beer festival, Beervana.

At least a dozen 20 and 30 litre kegs, and crates of bottles, have been stolen from the Fork and Brewer's storage container.

Brewer Kelly Ryan said he was gutted as the beer was destined for the Brewer's Guild Awards later this year.

"A whole pallet of bottles got stolen, also all my special kegs that I prepared in advance to be entered into the judging competition.

"I had 12 of those beers set aside all ready to go for the judging, which is at the end of September, but that probably won't be the case anymore."

Mr Ryan said the beer was worth at least $15,000 wholesale.