30 Jun 2016

Caravan fire at South Island holiday park

7:33 am on 30 June 2016

A caravan was engulfed in flames by the time the Fire Service reached the Temuka Holiday Park this morning.

The Fire Service says it was called to the scene at about 4.45am, and firefighters were told people may be in the caravan, but there were no people inside - and the owners were not in the area.

The fire spread to nearby trees, and two crews and a tanker were needed to extinguish the flames.

A fire investigator will be on site later today.

Meanwhile, there are no reports of injuries after a house fire in Westport this morning.

The Fire Service was called to the Peel Street address just before 5am and was told a bedroom was on fire, and the caller could hear smoke alarms and people screaming to get out of the house.

The single storey house was well aflame, and backup crews responded from Waimangaroa and Granity.

Six crews in breathing masks were able to control the blaze, which is still be suppressed.

As there was no apparent cause for the fire, the scene is under guard and an investigator will attend later today.