17 May 2016

Top cop calls it a day

7:45 pm on 17 May 2016

Detective Superintendent Rod Drew is the highest ranking detective in the country, but today he hangs up his badge.

Mr Drew has been in the force for 42 years, solving some of the most high profile murder cases in this country's history, including Teresa Cormack, Lilybing and Coral Burrows.

He said he wanted to run homicide inquiries because they're the most important crime that police deal with.

"The taking of a life is still the biggest crime.

"I loved investigations, I loved being on the hunt and tracking down evidence, so that was the ultimate."

Mr Drew said he'd had an incredible career and made some life-long friends.

"A lot of that's been because the work we do is sometimes very difficult.

"It can be gruesome and it can be very hard and it can be very long hours but, you know, when you do that you find who's made of the right stuff and quite quickly who's not."