9 May 2016

Concern over future of RNZ science show

9:58 am on 9 May 2016

A review of RNZ programming could spell the end of the country's only weekly science programme, warns the New Zealand Association of Scientists.

Scientist viewing a DNA sequence.

Scientist viewing a DNA sequence. Photo: AFP / Cultura Creative

A current restructure means the future of many staple programmes is uncertain, including the science-focused Our Changing World.

A RNZ spokesperson said no decision had yet been made on what programmes might be affected, and the broadcaster was committed to its science content.

The former head of the association of scientists, Nicola Gaston, said the government had pledged more resources to help scientists communicate and defend their research, and Our Changing World was at the heart of that.

"In the face of all the effort that is going in that direction within the academic and scientific communities, it just seems completely anachronistic and horrifyingly backwards that we might be losing some of the people who have been doing this work on an ongoing basis over a long period of time."