9 Oct 2008

Morning Report local papers

6:31 am on 9 October 2008

Tax cuts and music awards dominate the front pages of the morning newspapers on Thursday.

The New Zealand Herald is dominated by National's tax cut policy and the decision to use cuts to KiwiSaver to fund it.

The paper says the move risks alienating the 800,000 people who have joined the scheme.

It also reports that middle and high income earners not in KiwiSaver are the big winners from National's policy while low income families and those in the retirement scheme are said to be better off under Labour.

The Dominion Post says singles and high earning couples passed over by Labour's policies, will benefit under National's policy.

The Press also leads on National's tax cuts, concentrating on the extent to which they will help boost a flagging New Zealand economy.

The Otago Daily Times says the global financial collapse has left John Key scrambling for a point of difference with Labour and it could be as simple as the old "time for a change".

Other news

The Dominion Post reports six central banks have followed Australia's lead and cut interest rates by half of a percentage point.

The Herald reports The Flight of the Concords were the big winners at the New Zealand Music Awards.

So do The Dominion Post and The Press, which looks at the success of Christchurch band, Opshop.

Unknown Dunedin band, the Defenders missed out on the Peoples' Choice Award which went to a Christian rock group, Parachute Band.

The Press also warns the redback spider from Australia could be about to invade New Zealand.

The ODT features the story of Harrison Kemp, 13, who was critically injured in a car crash which killed his friend 10 months ago.

Harrison's leg was shattered and he was in a wheelchair for six months - but now he's preparing to walk 10km to raise funds for the hospital staff who saved his life.