5 Oct 2008

Kaikoura festival attracts added security

7:34 am on 5 October 2008

Security guards joined the police in Kaikoura on Saturday night, to prevent any flare-ups after the town's major wine and food festival.

Seafest began in 1995, and on Saturday drew about 6,000 people to Takahanga Domain.

The event injects more than $2 million into the local economy, but residents were upset after revellers smashed a telephone booth following last year's festival.

The Seafest convenor, John Macphail, says added security didn't put a dampener on Saturday's proceedings.

He says six security guards assisted the police overnight, to stop trouble brewing after the event.

John Macphail says the police tried to deter people from being in Kaikoura altogether on the weekend, unless they were attending the event.