26 Jan 2016

Teacher suspended after buying LSD for friends

7:07 pm on 26 January 2016

A teacher who bought tabs of the psychedelic drug LSD for his friends has been censured and suspended by the Education Council.

The council's Disciplinary Tribunal said it sought the least punitive response for Isaac Dransfield, in light of his promising career.

Its decision said Dransfield was discharged without conviction last year for supplying the class-A drug.

It said dealing in such drugs amounted to serious misconduct for teachers and suspended him for a 12-month period which has already been served.

In a second case, another teacher who served four months home detention for benefit fraud was also censured by the council.

Kelly-Ann Muir was convicted in March last year of receiving the domestic purposes benefit while living with her partner.

The court ordered her to repay nearly $44,000.

The tribunal said the matter was serious enough that it must be noted on her teacher registration and she must tell future employers about it.