5 Sep 2008

Parents want Hokianga school board sacked

5:32 pm on 5 September 2008

Hokianga parents are calling for sackings in the wake of a highly critical report on Opononi Area School by the Education Review Office.

The school has been the focus of two highly critical ERO reports, and some of its 200 pupils staged a walkout earlier this year.

The ERO raised concerns about the quality of teaching and learning at the school in 2007, and its 2008 review has found a further decline in standards.

The latest report cites serious concerns about bullying, teacher performance and financial management.

Concerned parents and community members staged a protest march to the school on Friday, where they passed a vote of no confidence in its principal and board of trustees.

They called on Education Minister Chris Carter to dissolve the board, suspend the principal and appoint a commissioner to run the school.

A parent, Lena Adams, says the trustees and principal have jeopardised the school's viability by introducing a middle-school system which has failed, and 80 pupils have left in the past two years.

The ERO says it cannot comment until the report is publicly released on Tuesday.

Mr Carter says he will consider the future of Opononi Area School once he has seen the report.