13 Nov 2015

Fake 'sickie' lawyer fails High Court appeal

5:45 pm on 13 November 2015

A Rotorua lawyer who faked being sick to get out of court has failed his appeal in the High Court.

Brett Cooper appealed against an 18 month suspension after a disciplinary tribunal found him guilty of misconduct in March.

In 2012, he said he was too sick to appear in Rotorua court for an adjournment, but went to Christchurch District Court for another matter instead.

Mr Cooper has to pay over $22,000 in costs to the standards committee and about $5000 to the law society.

Law Society President Chris Moore said his behaviour reflected badly on the profession.

"Whenever something like this happens it's always disappointing for the profession and it's also obviously very disappointing for the lawyer concerned when frankly quite fundamental obligations are breached."