19 Jun 2015

'Do Not Knock' stickers distributed

9:45 am on 19 June 2015

Consumer New Zealand has linked up with the country's largest electricity retailer to distribute its 'Do Not Knock' stickers.

Do Not Knock sticker

Do Not Knock sticker Photo: Comsumer NZ

The stickers, to be placed by the front-door, are supposed to deter door-to-door salespeople.

More than 200,000 households have received the stickers already and Genesis Energy has mailed out 300,000 more with its latest power bills.

Consumer New Zealand's chief executive Sue Chetwin denied it was endorsing Genesis.

"I do support the fact that Genesis Energy has decided to discontinue door knocking because people don't really like it.

"And for us to be able to link with the biggest electricity retailer to get stickers out to 300,000 - it was a no-brainer."