5 Jun 2015

Helmet fine reduced on appeal

8:27 am on 5 June 2015

A Marlborough couple have had partial success in their appeal against a $40,000 fine for failing to wear helmets while riding quadbikes on a dairy farm.

Philip Jones and Maria Carlson were convicted last year of four charges relating to repeatedly not wearing helmets and not ensuring their children were wearing them.

On appeal, the High Court reduced the total fine to $30,000.

But Maria Carlson said it was unreasonable as no harm was done, and nobody was hurt.

Ms Carlson believes Worksafe was trying to make an example out of them to scare other farmers.

Federated Farmers said the reduced fine was still too high.

Federated Farmers spokeswoman Katie Milne said helmets are not really going to help in most quad bike accidents on farms.

She said her organisation had mixed views on the helmet issue and there are other factors, such as correct tyre pressure, which can reduce the risk of quad bike accidents.