2 Mar 2015

Nurse censured for assessment failure

4:15 pm on 2 March 2015

A nurse has been censured for failing to assess a patient who arrived at an after-hours clinic vomiting blood.

The 72-year-old woman was taken to the clinic by her daughter in November 2013, two days after spinal surgery.

A nurse overheard the daughter describing her mother's condition to the clinic's receptionist.

She told the daughter to call an ambulance and take her to hospital, believing this would elicit a quicker response than if the clinic made the call.

At hospital the woman was diagnosed with multiple stomach ulcers.

The Health and Disability Commissioner has found the nurse did not triage the woman, take a history, undertake an initial assessment or provide a handover to ambulance staff.

It ordered her to apologise to the woman and undertake training about how she deals with patients.