27 Feb 2015

Party pill syndicate head jailed for 10 years

5:56 pm on 27 February 2015

The head of a party pill syndicate the Crown says manufactured $50 million worth of drugs has been jailed for ten years.

The businessman has name suppression and was sentenced in the High Court in Auckland today along with seven others who also received lengthy jail terms.

Justice Woodhouse described it as the highest level of Class C drug offending to ever come before the court by a long way.

The court heard how powder was imported from China and turned into pills that mimicked ecstasy.

The businessman was at the head of the organisation and was one of eight men convicted of importing and possessing and supplying the drugs after a High Court trial that lasted nearly four months.

Another man who was paid $100,000 each time he organised the import of the powder was sentenced to eight and a half years, while lieutenants in the organisation received sentences of 9 and 8 years.