8 Feb 2015

Police officer not following the rules

8:11 pm on 8 February 2015

The Police Association says that an officer who claimed in a letter to the magazine, Police News that he routinely carries a firearm while out on the job is not following the association's advice.

Chief executive Greg O'Connor said despite the association's pro-gun stance for police officers they told their members to stick to current police rules.

He said policy stated if officers believed the circumstances they were in justified the carrying of a gun they could.

But he said that stopped short of police being able to carry firearms in the general course of their jobs.

In the December issue of Police News, the officer asked to remain anonymous because of possible repercussions.

The officer, who works alone in a remote part of the country, justified carrying a firearm at times when on patrol.

The officer wrote that seconds was all the police had in some situations - for instance, when on patrol or stopping cars - and seconds may not be enough to escape or retrieve a firearm from the boot of the car.

The officer said there had been no complaints about carrying a firearm.

Assistant commissioner of operations Mike Rusbatch said police policy did not allow officers to do so but under certain circumstances they could decide whether or not to arm themselves.

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