5 Dec 2014

Court rejects bid for refugee status

4:51 pm on 5 December 2014

The lawyer for an Iranian man who has had his bid for refugee status turned down by the Court of Appeal, says his client will not give up.

The man, who is now 48, arrived in the country in June 2011, claiming his involvement in an anti-Government strike and his conversion to Christianity as a teenager had brought him to the attention of authorities.

The Court of Appeal rejected both claims and described the man as being of limited intellect.

The man's barrister, Richard Pidgeon, said his client had a very real Christian faith and had grounds to pursue his refugee bid.

"He has skills in different areas, the traditional scholastic sense there are challenges, however in other areas he is very competent."

Mr Pidgeon said the only real avenue open to the man now was to take his case to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.