21 Nov 2014

Drugs may have motivated Akl murder

8:57 am on 21 November 2014

The Police have released new information about the killing of 51 year-old Brett Fraser in west Auckland last month saying it may have been motivated by a cannabis robbery.

Mr Fraser and his flatmate were attacked on 21 October in an industrial warehouse in Glen Eden where they lived.

Police said Mr Fraser's flatmate was running a cannabis growing operation in the building.

It was thought three men arrived about 9.30 on the night of the attack.

The flatmate heard Mr Fraser call out and as he came downstairs he was attacked by a man wearing a balaclava and ordered to hand over the cannabis.

Mr Fraser was wounded at the bottom of the stairs.

Despite efforts by emergency services, he could not be revived.

Police said Mr Fraser had nothing to do with the cannabis activities.

They were looking for two Maori men - one tall with a full beard, and the other in his twenties of a stocky build.