15 Nov 2014

Church barricaded during attack

8:36 pm on 15 November 2014

Members of the public, a policeman and a paramedic had to barricade themselves inside an Auckland church this afternoon to avoid a man trying to get in with a machete.

Police said they were initially called to the church on Parkinson Avenue in Mount Roskill just after midday, after reports of two people being injured.

The attackers had left by the time a policeman arrived, but shortly afterwards a group of people returned, threatening to kill police, ambulance staff, and those at the church.

Superintendent Richard Chambers said the unarmed policeman barricaded the church doors while the men, one of whom had a machete, tried to get in through the door and windows, in what he describes as a frenzied attack.

He said the men ran when they heard police sirens but were found a short time later.

"The police sergeant obviously closed all of the large, heavy doors and locked them, but these person were certainly doing everything they could to smash their way in and as a consequence caused some damage to the church, the doors and the windows.

"However, fortunately the efforts of the police sergeant prevented them from getting inside."

A 54-year-old man had been arrested and charged with serious assault (in relation to the initial disorder) and a 29-year-old man had been arrested and charged with threatens to kill, possession of an offensive weapon and intentional damage.

They would appear at the Auckland District Court on Monday.

The two people initially being treated by ambulance staff were a man, who was left moderately injured after being knocked unconscious, and a woman who was bruised.