10 Nov 2014

Second device found at Hastings site

5:13 pm on 10 November 2014

A bomb disposal squad has found an improvised explosive device on an empty section in Hastings today.

The Defence Force was called to the section behind a commercial building in Albert Street after a live hand grenade was handed in to the Hastings police station late yesterday morning.

The station and surrounding buildings were evacuated until the grenade was examined and removed.

Detective Sergeant Brent Greville, of Hastings, said the IED found this morning was about 15 to 20 centimetres long and had no detonator.

Mr Greville said the device would not have blown up on its own, but every precaution was taken with it as it had been constructed to explode.

There was nothing to indicate where the two items originated from or who had placed them on the vacant section, he said.

Police said a man was clearing vegetation from a neighbouring property yesterday when he found the grenade wrapped in plastic material near the fence line of the two sections.