5 Nov 2014

Dog that mauled officer not registered

4:19 pm on 5 November 2014

A dog which seriously injured a Waikato police officer is reported to be a bull mastiff cross that has not been registered or microchipped, the district council says.

The officer is in Waikato Hospital and could need more surgery to his leg after being mauled at the weekend in Tokoroa.

He was attacked while trying to arrest a man and had to use his taser on the dog before it would let go. The nine-year-old animal has been impounded.

A South Waikato District Council spokesperson said animal control staff would meet the its owner to try to negotiate it being given voluntarily. Staff were also assessing behaviour of the dog, which was not microchipped or registered.

The council said an automatic payment was set up to pay the dog's registration fees in instalments, but those payments failed. It said it then sent an infringement fine, which had not been paid.