10 Oct 2014

Man who killed in self-defence jailed

6:22 pm on 10 October 2014

The man who shot and killed his neighbour in self-defence has been sentenced to two years and one month for having a rifle without a licence, but not for using it.

Allen George Lum, earlier pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and intentional damage and today appeared in the Waitakere District Court today. He was not charged over the death of Joshua Wayne Roach.

The court was told how Lum was moving into a house in the west Auckland suburb of Ranui when he had an argument with his neighbour Joshua Roach when he parked in their shared drive-way.

Mr Roach waved a shotgun around before Lum left the property.

The next day Lum came back and when he found Mr Roach was not at home, he smashed the windows on Mr Roach's ute.

Mr Roach came home to find his damaged ute and again pulled out his shotgun. He shot Lum's son Ricky, hitting him in the throat.

Lum grabbed his military style .22 rifle and shot and killed Mr Roach.

Police accepted that he was acting in self-defence and to protect his two sons.