5 Oct 2014

Anger at sex abuse image suppression

12:37 pm on 5 October 2014

The Sensible Sentencing Trust says it is appalled by a High Court decision giving permanent name suppression to a man convicted of trading child sex abuse images.

In a ruling released on Friday night Justice Thomas said naming the man, who shares an unusual surname with his six-year-old daughter, would harm his wife.

The man's wife has a heart condition that could be fatal if triggered by stress.

The trust is running a petition targeting suppression laws in relation to sex offences.

Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson Ruth Money said the laws needed to be toughened up.

"You don't get name suppression if you've assaulted someone or you've been found guilty of grievous bodily harm, or murder.

"But very often in sex offences cases we get name suppression handed out by our judges."