28 Sep 2014

Snowdon must pay costs

10:13 am on 28 September 2014

Radio New Zealand's former head of news must pay the company nearly half a million dollars following one of the country's longest running employment disputes.

In April, a court ruled against Lynne Snowdon's claims the broadcaster had committed fraud and unfairly dismissed her in 2005 after she took two years sick leave.

Judge Anthony Ford also awarded Radio New Zealand costs in that ruling.

The company had been seeking just over $1.1million - but Ms Snowdon's counsel proposed just $106,000.

In a new judgement, Judge Ford said the organisation was entitled to about $585,000 but because of extreme hardship on the part of Ms Snowdon, he reduced this to $490,000.

The company would receive nearly a quarter of a million dollars security costs as part of the payment.