9 Sep 2014

'Shocked' aunt gives evidence at trial

8:03 pm on 9 September 2014

A woman has described being shocked and dumb-founded as her eight-year-old niece told her of being touched by her primary school teacher.

The teacher has denied 25 charges of doing an indecent act against 10 of his pupils aged between 8 and 10 at the High Court in Auckland today.

Radio New Zealand cannot name the teacher or the school where he taught in order to protect the identity of his pupils.

The woman told the court her niece had become angry and stormed off when she was asked about stealing things from school.

She found the girl red-faced and frustrated, but after a few deep breaths the girl spoke about being touched by her teacher.

The woman told the girl's mother about the revelations and they phoned the school the next day, the court was told.