14 Aug 2014

Affordable computers for children

10:32 pm on 14 August 2014

A scheme launched today aims to put a notebook-style computer in the hands of every school-aged child in east Porirua.

The Digital Power project sells the $600 devices to families for $4 a week and involves 13 schools.

Though today was the formal launch, the project has been running in four Porirua schools since the start of this year.

Children, teachers and parents say it has already had a big impact. Children are more enthusiastic about learning and connections between schools and families are better than ever.

The scheme has been set up by Te Mana o Kupe Trust with the support of businesses and philanthropic organisations and is modelled on the Manaiakalani project in Auckland.

The trust says it has provided devices to 300 Porirua children so far, with hundreds more expected to sign up before the end of this year.