2 Aug 2014

Claims crew were drinking in Honolulu

12:15 pm on 2 August 2014

Passengers on an Air New Zealand flight that was stranded in Honolulu say they're disappointed and angered by claims some of the crew were partying while they were stuck in limbo for three days.

The airline won't comment on claims some of the crew breached its no-alcohol policy while the flight was grounded, but the incident appears to have prompted a managerial warning.

In a joint letter, Air New Zealand's general managers of cabin crew and pilots said they're embarrassed at the actions of a small group of staff who have not lived up to the airline's standards.

It does not say what these staff did, but it warns crew must be rested, fit and healthy before flying.

Some of the 227 passengers stuck in Honolulu were turned away from the airport three times because of delays caused by what the airline says were engineering problems.

Air New Zealand said the Honolulu delay was entirely related to engineering problems but an investigation will review the performance of all the functions involved in the disruption, including pilots and cabin crew.

Under airline rules, cabin crew are not allowed to drink for 12 hours before a flight.