28 Jul 2014

AT considering police for trains

8:18 pm on 28 July 2014

Auckland Transport is looking at creating a special police force to improve safety on trains, it says.

A spokesperson from the organisation said the provision of transit police was under investigation as a long-term option.

Auckland Transport has had extra security guards on trains during the past 15 months in an effort to reduce criminal offending.

There were 167 reported crimes on trains in April, dropping to 99 in May, and 59 in June.

A trial of on-site security at the 10 worst train stations considerably reduced vandalism and criminal activity, the spokesperson said.

It is also considering a safe zone on all train platforms - an area which would be well lit and near a public emergency communication system.

However, Manurewa Local Board chairperson Angela Dalton says it would be unfortunate if a special police force was created to make trains safer and believes that should be the last resort.

Ms Dalton said a more simple solution would be putting up gates and turnstiles where people swipe their HOP cards.

Investing in the infrastructure would make the stations safer, she said, but this would need an up-front investment which Auckland Transport may not want to bear.