22 Jul 2014

Welsh farmers protest over NZ lamb

11:23 am on 22 July 2014

Welsh farmers are mounting protests outside supermarkets in Britain over the sale of low-cost New Zealand lamb.

The farmers claim the shelf prices of imports from New Zealand are being kept artificially low, and say that is hurting prices for British lamb during at the height of their season.

Welsh National Farmers Union deputy president John Davies said the farmers had held a silent protest at supermarkets where New Zealand lamb was being sold as a loss leader.

"I've got no problem at all with New Zealand lamb, when we aren't at our best, and our lamb isn't in its prime and it's not most plentiful," he said.

"But I've got a big problem with it, and so do our members, when it's prime time and New Zealand is sold below the cost of production to bring our own cost down.

"Then neither (country's) farmers have a fair price."

Farmers should show solidarity and respect each other's seasons, Mr Davies said.