16 Jul 2014

Calls to helplines unanswered

9:06 pm on 16 July 2014

A coroner says the Government needs to continue its review of helpline services after a Hastings woman phoned two for help, but no one answered before she died.

Tracey Ridley died after an alcohol and prescription medicine overdose in December 2012.

Coroner Garry Evans says it is concerning that Ms Ridley had called two helplines, but neither appeared to be answered.

A police job sheet shows she made the calls about 2am on the day she died and just three minutes apart. One was to the National Depression Helpline and the other to the Alcohol Drug Helpline.

Mr Evans said former Lifeline manager Paula Polkinghorne notes that there are 108 helplines of various types and there should be one national wellbeing number, as the Government is proposing.