10 Jul 2014

Uni looks at fence to beat booze ban

8:10 am on 10 July 2014

The University of Canterbury is considering fencing off its campus if it is not given an exemption from an alcohol ban, it says.

A change to the Local Government Act means a local alcohol ban in the Christchurch suburbs of Riccarton and Ilam will apply to private properties to which the public have access, such as the university's campus.

University vice-chancellor Rod Carr said the university would consider fencing the campus to protect its students from $250 fines.

"Where we have official events, they're not really the issue. What we have is the ability to put up a perimeter, exclude the public, seek appropriate alcohol licenses and so forth," he said.

"The problem comes in simple areas such as the back yard of the hall of residence that might want to have a barbecue, and they don't particularly want to have to have a liquor licence in order to let their students have a beer with their barbecue."