7 Jul 2014

Weather pushes Kayaker away

7:37 pm on 7 July 2014

Trans-Tasman kayaker Scott Donaldson is being blown back out to sea after making it to within 60kms of the Taranaki coast on Sunday.

Donaldson left Coffs Harbour in late April, in an attempt to be the first to paddle solo across the Tasman. He has experienced a number of technical problems and received another emergency food drop on Sunday.

Scott Donaldson getting the first drop of supplies.

Scott Donaldson getting the first drop of supplies. Photo: JOHN FUNNELL

The rescue pilot who made the drop, John Funnell, said the canoeist had hoped to get to New Plymouth on Sunday night but worsening weather meant he would not make landfall for a few days.

He said the MetService forecast was for south-easterly winds to blow over, and Donaldson would be pushed further to the south west.

Mr Funnell said those winds would not ease until about Thursday.

Sarah Donaldson said her husband was disappointed not to arrive at the weekend but had refocused and still aimed to step ashore in New Plymouth.

"Look, he's strong physically, and mentally, and he will continue to be," she said.

"However, he has struggled. He really wanted to be here this last weekend because he knew these winds were approaching."

Ms Donaldson said her husband's dream of being the first person to kayak across Tasman solo had been four years in the making and a few more days would make little difference.