18 Jun 2014

Murder-accused removed from court

6:47 pm on 18 June 2014

A man charged with the murder of Auckland woman Blesilda Gotingco has had to be forcefully removed from court.

Blesilda Gotingco.

Blesilda Gotingco. Photo: SUPPLIED

The 27-year-old began abusing Justice Brewer at the High Court in Auckland on Wednesday as he heard arguments about suppressing the accused's name.

The judge granted the man continued name suppression but details of the name suppression arguments have also been suppressed. Also suppressed are details of his removal from court.

Radio New Zealand is able to report that the man is due to stand trial in March next year.

Mrs Gotingco, known as Blessie, went missing on her way home from work at Tower Insurance in central Auckland on 24 May. Her body was found two days later at a cemetery not far from her home in the suburb of Birkdale.

Outside the court a small group wearing ribbons and carrying placards gathered in support of the Gotingco family.