9 Jun 2014

Primary principals against flagship policy

9:27 pm on 9 June 2014

Auckland primary school principals say the Government's flagship education policy will put children's education at risk.

The Government wants to spend $360 million over four years to pay teachers and principals to improve teaching across groups of schools.

But Auckland Primary Principals Association president Deidre Alderson says will take people away from the children they should be teaching - and their learning could suffer.

She called the plan unworkable. "It's high-risk to student education. There's a lot of money going to a very few people. And pretty much what we're saying is actually we don't need that money - we'd rather that money went into programmes and provisions for the students in our schools."

Ms Alderson said the Government is proposing a big change to the school system, with very little consultation with schools.

The association said more than 100 of its members have discussed the latest information about the policy, and they reject it.